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[Download] WhatsApp Business with New Features Soon


A while ago WhatsApp released an announcement, telling users that they will roll out some features for businesses and they will be charging for them. Obviously, most users began to worry and they believe that the app will change completely. However, it appears that WhatsApp Business will be a standalone app.

This will be a great alternative for businesses, since many businesses have been using WhatsApp for customer communication. This was especially true when it came to small businesses.

Testers are trying out WhatsApp Business 

The WhatsApp Business app has already been received for a small number of testers and their job is to try it out and offer feedback. “As a test partner for ‘WhatsApp Business’, you have early access to a wide range of new features that we’ve built with you in mind. As you experiment with what this new app has to offer, please share your experiences with us so that we can improve the product,” the Google Play Store description read.

WhatsApp Business will come with some new features and it will charge businesses

The Business version of WhatsApp will be quite different. The first thing you notice is the new app that displays the “B” letter in the green conversation bubble, which is a great way to show that these two apps are related but still different.

Also, while WhatsApp provides free services, this won’t be the case for WhatsApp Business. The company has already stated that they will charge businesses since they will provide services designed specifically for them, such as auto responses, analytics, chat migration and more. “We do intend on charging businesses in the future. We don’t have the details of monetisation figured out,” WhatsApp’s Chief Operating Officer Matt Idema declared a while ago.

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