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[Download] WhatsApp 2.17.366 Update – Better Management and Newest Fixes


People that don’t have WhatsApp installed on their smartphones? That’s just a myth! You most likely have the app installed yourself, and the fact that you’re here means that you are now eager to upgrade to the latest version, which is 2.17.366. It’s always a sunny day when WhatsApp receives a fresh new update, no matter what the update contains. Sometimes it’s a brand new feature and other times it’s just some maintenance work, but every single time, the app becomes better and users love it.

The Facebook management

As many are probably aware, Facebook owns WhatsApp after buying it from the original owners a couple of years back. Since then, there haven’t been a lot of changes implemented, simply because Facebook considered that there was no need to ruin a good thing.  WhatsApp thrived under original management and the best move for Facebook would be to just follow the same course and not make any drastic changes to the app.

Worldwide famous

WhatsApp is a one of a kind application, and it actually has a mind boggling number of daily active users, which has reached over a billion. That’s insane only to think about, but there are really a billion people logging onto WhatsApp every day and chatting with their friends, keeping up with distant family or even sending important files to their boss.

The new stuff

There’s not a whole lot going on with this iteration of the popular IM app. The most important change is that you can now post text-only status messages. This was a very requested feature after WhatsApp originally only allowed for full status messages, with images or videos attached. Speaking of videos, you can now convert a video screen into a small window playing the clip. This helps a lot with multitasking and just keeping up with multiple things on the screen. Now, you can enjoy the latest episode of your favorite show while also reading the news about your favorite sports team.

Downloading WhatsApp 2.17.366

The latest build is very easy to install, as it can be done through multiple means. First off, the easy way is to update the app directly from your OS’s app store. It’s free and there’s no hassle. If that isn’t possible, you could just download and manually install the APK file. It’s just a little bit of hassle compared to instantly downloading it over the air, but at the end of the day it’s still very easy. In case you are using the latter solution, make sure that you are using a trusted APK provider and not just some random websites. There are a few sites worth downloading from, but you have to vigilant about other websites that are swarming with malware.

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