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[Download] Minecraft Better Together Update Patch with New Bug Fixes


Minecraft’s Better Together is an important thing for the world of gaming since it marks an important development. The update managed to bring cross-playability, and it realised that at a more complex level than any other previous attempts. However, a major update like that is more complicated, and that is why we are not surprised that it had its fair share of bugs and crashes.

Obviously, it will take time until they will manage to remove all the flaws, but Minecraft has acknowledged the feedback and it already released a new update that should solve at least some of these issues. For now this update is only available for the players in the beta program, but if everything goes well it should be released for everyone.

Numerous bug fixes

The 1.2.3 patch comes with several fixes that should fix almost all the existent issues. Here is a list with some of the problems that are solved by this patch, as well as some new additions:

  • The bug that allowed rails to be duplicated is gone.
  • The Sniper Duel achievement is unlockable for Xbox One.
  • The crash that occurred whenever players suspended the game has been solved.
  • The bug that made leaves covered with snow appear black no longer exist.
  • Vines won’t be destroyed when you press right-click anymore.
  • The crashes that occurred when using the crafting screen, or when loading world chunks are gone.
  • The incorrect controller tooltip when you were moving an item in the Creative inventory over the hotbar has been fixed.
  • The texture offset of the udder layer of Mooshroom has been fixed.
  • Skulls can be placed on the ground even if there is snow there.
  • Filling a bottle with Dragon’s Breath will create a sound again.
  • Elytra Wings have been renamed to Elytra.

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