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iOS 11 Jailbreak Leaks – Everything We Know So Far


If you are a jailbreaking fan and you have been following the news lately you probably went through a rollercoaster of reactions. While many say that jailbreaking is dead, we recently received some huge news about a iOS 11 jailbreak. The well-known Italian developer Luca Todesco has made a huge breakthrough and he shocked everyone when he achieved root status for iOS 11. This means that a jailbreak for the latest Apple OS version is possible. But then again, Todesco has declared that he no longer is a part of the jailbreaking community, which means that even if manages to create a jailbreak, he might not share it with the public and treat it as a personal achievement.

Apple stopped signing many recent versions

Just when fans began to hope again, Apple released an announcement that changed thing one more time. The company stopped signing iOS 10.3.3, which means that users are not able to downgrade back to it anymore. Going back to that version is not possible even if you have the firmware file on your computer, since you won’t be able to restore it.

And that is not all. Not only that Apple has stopped signing the iOS 10 version, but it has also stopped signing the original iOS 11 version, 11.0. However, it is not hard to understand this decision since the initial firmware release had some bugs that have been solved by the upcoming updates. Also, Apple is already preparing to release iOS 11.1. This can also be the company’s method to stop any jailbreaking attempts.

Therefore, if you are still hoping for an upcoming jailbreak, the best solution would be to stick to older iOS versions if you can. Since if you upgrade you won’t be able to go back.

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