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[Download] Google Play Store APK Update with New Fixes for Android


Lately we have seen a lot of updates released for Google Play Store App and if you’ve wondered why they’re rolling them in a matter of days, then rest easy. Google is known for continuously updating their Play Store as they fix bugs, improve their app and more importantly improve security. So if you see these updates it only means that they’re good news.

Some of the latest updates have also focused on UI changes and different new features.

The latest Google Play Store version has reached 8.2.56 build number and hasn’t brought major changes; there are only some small tweaks, bug fixes and security improvements. It has a size of 18.27 MB.

Google Play Store 8.2.56 comes as the third update in about a week and this means that there have been possible issues with some hidden security threats. We hope that the next ones will also focus on improving visuals and also work on some improvement regarding system performance.

Google Play Store 8.2.56 Will be Officially Updated

It is recommended that you wait for the official update. The updated Google Play Store is going to be officially updated and the app will do it automatically as soon as it is released.

If you are not patient enough then you can get it before it reaches your phone, and you may download it from ‘apkmirrror’ website.

Updates usually mean that the new version has improvements but not all updates are perfect and some may even face a problem. For example there are some users that cannot see their current balance or the remaining balance. Other users will see balance expiration days, so the issue is different for all users.

If you haven’t checked Google Play Store app lately then go and see if you’re facing any problem or not.

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