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[Download] Google Play Store 8.4.40.V APK with Faster Performances and Bug Fixes


There are many advantages to owning an Android powered smartphone, but the biggest one is that people receive access to the Play Store. Android fans can find any app they want on the Play Store and this is what makes this feature so important. Being able to simply search and instantly download all the latest mobile games and cool apps makes Play Store a key element to Google’s operating system.

With that said, it shouldn’t come as a shock that Google is constantly releasing new updates which serve the sole purpose of enhancing Play Store’s performances. If the Play Store is running fast, then it means that Android fans receive a better user experience and this is all that matters to the Android parent.


Google Play Store 8.4.40.V APK Update

The reason why Play Store is making headlines today is because Google recently published a new APK update for it. Even though this doesn’t come as a surprise, Android fans should be happy to know that the update contains a bunch of performance tweaks and bug fixes which will make their smartphones run faster than usual.

Android Package Kits

Unlike normal OTA (over the air) updates, APKs can be manually downloaded and installed by eager Android users. The cool thing about APKs is that they are released weeks before Google decides to start rolling out the OTA ones.

In addition, APK updates are considered to come from “Unknown sources” and Android users are required to manually enable them. This can be simply done by accessing the “Settings” menu and then the “Security” panel where the “Unknown sources” option can be enabled.

Last but not least, we need to mention that this update brings Play Store’s version number up to 8.4.40V and that it weighs in at 10.6MB. Considering its small size, Android users will not be forced to delete their pictures or videos in order to make room for it.

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