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[Download] Google Maps Offline with Updated Transit Routes


Google Maps is becoming more and more popular in India with a 100% year-on-year growth, despite the Governments’ public rejection of the service. This is due to larger data plans and a growth in India’s internet user base, which has grown 28%.

Google Maps is focused on improving Indian users’ experience

Dane Glasgow, Vice President of Google Maps has declared that the company is considering improving Indian users’ experience and it is all due to the larger internet data plans. Google Maps was launched in India in 2008 and since its release, the app has been constantly updated and it has received features specific for the Indian audience. An example is the offline viewing of maps which allows users to download a specific area of a map without data connection and the addition of a redesigned home page in order to access faster the commonly used features.

Transit updates are important for India

Google is working on new additions for transit updates and India is in the top three countries needing transit usage information. Live traffic, blocked routes, the option of booking a cab through the app and the new addition of public transportation info will help users to make their way through the busy cities. Companies such as Delhi Metro, Mumbai local rail and Kolkata are already collaborating with Google Maps to improve Indian users’ experience.

Another important feature is the real time tracking of Indian even routes, such as the progress path of the Datyarthi Foundation Bharat Yatra, which is against sexual exploitation of children. Toilet locations were added o Google Maps as well as the users having the option to rate them.

Local guides program is also added and users can give their feedback so as to further make companies such as Google understand what the customer needs and expects.

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