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[Download] Google Duo App – Tap Once & Make Video Calls From Messages, Phone or Contacts


Android users now have a new way of making video calls on their smartphones with the newest Google video calling app called Google Duo. Users can make a video call with just a tap from Google Apps with the help of this integrated app. Duo has been embedded in Contacts app, Messages and Google Phone and in the near future will also be able to let users switch from voice call to video call with a single tap.

All Android Devices Running 7.0 Nougat or Higher Will Have Google Duo App

This new app already comes on the second – generation Pixel smartphones, Nexus Devices and Android One. On the Google blog there are official announcements according to which Google is teaming up with device and carrier partners to facilitate this app to as many Android devices they can. This means that in the future, all Android devices will have this feature. In the same announcement, Jan Jedrzejowicz – the Product Manager said that if two users are on a carrier where ViLTE video calling is supported, then the call will be routed through that service. If it’s otherwise, the Duo app will connect the video call to users that have the app installed on their device.

However, there are several requirements for users to benefit from this feature, as it is only possible on several Android OS. If you want to make a video call with the help of Google Duo, then you need high versions from Android elements: Android v13.0 or above for Phone, v2.1 or above for Contacts, v2.6 or above for Android Messages. For a better understanding, it means that users must run at least Android 7.0 Nougat or a newer Android operating system.

If you meet the above – mentioned requirements, then you can make a video call with Google Duo app by either searching a contact with the ‘Search’ option, or picking the contact you want to call from the history of your calls. You can also open a message and place a call from there or open a contact card info and start your video call from that spot.

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