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Google Maps vs. Google Earth – What Makes Them Different from Each other?


While both web applications have been created with the purpose of exploring the globe, each app will let users discover different things. For example, Google Earth will be able to show you amazing places on Earth and Google Maps will show you information that is more practical, such as getting to a certain location.

Google Earth has appeared 4 years before Google Maps and what’s most interesting is that they weren’t created from scratch by Google.

Google Maps has been created after Google acquired the Where 2 Technologies Company and made the map that was initially a desktop-based map product into a web application that got the name ‘Maps’.

Google Earth was originally called Earth Viewer 3D and it was created by Keyhole, Inc., a company which was funded by the CIA; which Google acquired it in 2004.

Let’s see some differences between the two apps.

Google Maps is Local

This app will show you a route and help you navigate with features such as: turn-by-turn navigation, real-time traffic, transit schedules and so on.

If it has access to your location, it will also suggest nearby places and services: restaurants, attractions and services.

Google Maps – Share Your Location

Users can share their locations through their smartphones to their friends, making it easier to find them in a new city, for example.

Google Maps & Location History

You can see on your Timeline your daily activities and the places you’ve visited, in all modes: walking, driving or riding a bike.

Google Earth – For Your Inner Explorer

With Google Earth you will not see a good detailed map of a street, but you will see places that have been picked for virtual tours, showing you a story of the respective places. You will also get some high-quality images of random places to check out.

Google Earth – ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’

Use this button to go to a random place on Earth and see more information about it.

Google Maps & Google Earth – Conclusion

Why can’t we use one app for all those things? Well, they have different purposes: Google Earth will show you important places in 3D without any other distractions; and Google Maps will show you precise locations and ways of getting there, focusing on being a practical app and letting explorers and people who want to discover new information use Google Earth.

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