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[Download] Microsoft Edge Available as a Beta Version For iOS and Android


Users can now test a new browser on their smartphones, because Microsoft Edge is now available on both Android and iOS devices. This is a right move from Microsoft, making a step towards a better collaboration in between platforms.

If you use your mobile phone to browse something, you can continue doing so from your PC, on the Microsoft Edge PC version. The ‘continue on PC’ is one of the main features brought to users from Microsoft. They will be able to continue browsing those exact websites from their PC. And there are a lot more option available on Microsoft Edge’s mobile version: you can access favorites, e-books, history and a reading list.

The design of the mobile version is similar to the desktop version. But there is one thing that misses from Microsoft Edge that really must be integrated: tab syncing. You might continue on PC with that interesting feature, but everything else, like history and tabs are not shared from mobile to the desktop version, at least not for now. The company is working on this option and they will enable it in the future, as soon as they find a way to support tab syncing.

It’s Similar to Chrome on Smartphones and on Desktops

Microsoft intends on giving users the same experience they already have on Chrome that works on mobile devices/tablets and on desktops. But tab syncing is missing and sending a webpage to your PC is handy but not for every tab that you want to see. Right now, there is no tablet support for Microsoft Edge either, as they’re only testing the version for mobile devices.

The Microsoft Edge browser will however sync favorites and reading list and will support Bing, Google and Yahoo search engines. There are also settings for clearing browser history, turning on/off password saves and will also block cookies and pop-ups, and there is no ad-blocker integrated in Microsoft Edge, using as rendering engines for iOS Webkit and Blink for Android.

The beta version for Microsoft Edge for Apple’s iOS is available and Google’s Android will soon be available in Play Store. All users will be able to get the final build of Microsoft Edge by the end of 2017.

You can get the Microsoft Edge mobile browser by signing up on the official Microsoft page and having the latest build of Window 10, the Fall Creators Update.

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