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Google Maps Added Wait Times So You Can See How Much It Will Take for Your Meal to Arrive at A Restaurant


Google Maps is continuously evolving and it has new features that transform the app into a multi-functional one. Usually, you can use it to get all the information you need about a certain location, but it appears that Google took it even one step further, and users will be able to learn another useful thing when it comes to restaurants.

Wait times

If you have ever wondered how much do you have to wait for a meal at a certain restaurant, Google Maps comes to answer your question. Wait times have been added to popular restaurants. Google will calculate them based on other information. This means that you won’t get the results in real time, but it will be instead based on how long it usually takes, depending on the day and the hour.

Wait times will be determined by the people who usually visit that restaurant and you will be able to see them by searching for the restaurant in Google Search. You can find the new information where you usually see Popular Times information.

Obviously, the wait time won’t be always accurate since it is based on an average, and sometimes historical data is not necessarily exact. However, it is a nice addition that can come in handy. You can check the wait times and decide if a restaurant is good for you if you are in a hurry.

Right now the feature is only available on Google Search, both the mobile and the desktop version, but it should be released for Google Maps for Android really soon. Additionally, almost a million restaurants should receive this new feature. In the future you can also expect other functions such as grocery store wait times.

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