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Crackdown 3 for Xbox One X is Delayed Until Next Year


We’re talking about the open-world action game Crackdown 3, which was meant to be released on 7 November, when Xbox One X would be launched. And we understand why fans are so eager to play it, since Crackdown 3 was announced at E3 2014.

Microsoft is Left Without an Impressive and Exclusive Title

Although the Xbox One X will offer a 4K gaming experience, the most waited game will be later delivered. The reason why it has been delayed is that they didn’t reach a visual polish good enough to launch it to the public. And it’s obvious that since fans have been waiting for Crackdown 3 for more than three years, it would better be an amazing game.

The Crackdown Story so Far

The original game is a shooter, sporting new mechanics such as going around and finding boosting orbs inside a city for mobility. The second one, Crackdown 2 was almost similar, but it had zombies. Crackdown 3 will no longer have zombies in it, but it appears to be the most anticipated game to appear on Xbox One X.

Other Releases on Xbox One X

There are other titles which will be available on the Xbox One X, such as Cuphead, Forza Motorsport 7, Super Lucky’s Tale and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. But most of them have different release dates than the one on which Xbox One X will be launched. Only Super Lucky’s Tale will come out on 7 November, but it won’t be in VR.

However, you can preorder Xbox One X if you want to play already released games which work well on 4K.

Phil Spencer, the Xbox chief, announced on Twitter that at the next week event, Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, Xbox will definitely surprise their fans in showing something different from what they expected.

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