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Google Earth Voyager Feature Download Available on iOS


Google Earth has a new feature: Voyager, which helps users learn more on popular destinations. Google announced that the iOS version is now also available. The section Voyager of Google interactive maps includes stories and interactive features on popular travel destinations.

Voyager and popular destinations

So far, Google Earth Voyager section has itineraries of 17 cities made and 140 stories available in 8 languages. Google Earth’s newest version also includes the features Knowledge Cards, which presents facts from the different places the users explore; and the Postcards feature, which allows users to send pictures of the places they found in the app.

On Google Earth

Google Earth debuted back in April and it is a computer program which offers a 3D representation of Planet Eath. The app is based on satellite images and the maps were constructed also with aerial photographies and GIS data.

To use the app it is only necessary to have a keyboard and a mouse. Users can navigate to find an address, explore new cities or for research.

Some online users have complained that Google Earth is a threat to national security, while others are absolutely fascinated with it.

Street View option

Google introduced the Street View option in 2008. The app offers panoramic street photos of the cities and its surroundings. The photos are very reliable and have been taken by cameras on top of automobiles.

Waters and ocean

This feature has been introduced in Google Earth 5.0 and it allows users to zoom below the water surface. High-resolution feature was developed by oceanographers and a sharper focus is available for 5% of the Oceans.

How to use Google Earth Voyager

To those interested in learning about nature, culture, history and traveling, they can use Voyager on their computer. They need to open Google Earth and find on the left of the toolbar the option.

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