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iPhone X Face ID System – What We Know About It?


Apple managed to impress its fans when it announced that three new iPhones will be released. However, the most important addition will be iPhone X, the most expensive iPhone, and the most complex one. This phone will bring several notable additions, but the most important one might be the Face ID System. iPhone X will finally bring facial recognition and take technology to a whole new level. You probably have some questions about it so we are here to share with you all the details.

The system can’t be fooled

Many users worried that Face ID can be tricked by masks, since this has also happened with other biometric systems that were fooled by fingerprints casts and photos of people’s irises. However, Apple claims that facial recognition will only work if “your eyes are open and looking towards the device,”, so masks shouldn’t be able to unlock your device.

Face ID may not recognize you sometimes

If you make some changes you might confuse the system. For example, a new (completely different) haircut, or a beard can make you hard to recognize so you will be asked to enter your passcode. After you prove that it is you, the system will recognize your new look.

Your facial information

If you are worried that Apple will store all the information in order to create a database of facial data, you can relax. The scanned info will be stored on a processor named Secure Enclave. “Apps are only notified as to whether the authentication is successful. Apps can’t access Face ID data associated with the enrolled face,” Apple said. Face ID will only make a mathematical representation of what it sees, and the data won’t get to any third parties.

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