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Best Spy Apps Available for Android


Many of us want to know what our significant other or what our children are doing and with the help of spy apps for Android, we are now a step further. Down below there is a list of the top apps for sending secret messages, sending secret calls or secretly recording calls and tracking someone’s location.

The first on our list is the iKey Monitor. This previously iPhone-only app is now also available on Android and it helps users protect their kids, trade transactions and keep away from other internet dangers. This app allows parents to monitor the online activities of your children, thus keeping an eye for illegal activities.

The second app on the list is the M-SPY, a simple audio app which allows users to listen in on conversations from the place where the phone is left. To install the app is very easy and users only need a PIN and to put the smartphone on silent mode. Hiding the phone is also important, of course.

Number three on our list is the SPY Message app. This application allows users to send secret messages without having to worry the conversation will remain in the phone’s memory. Users need to set the time at which the message gets automatically deleted and thus leaving no trace.

Another very good app is the Secret Agent Face Call. The fourth app on our list prepares pre-recorded conversations and customized message. Users can also schedule when the calls come in. It is the perfect April’s fool prank.

Number 5 on the list is the MobiStealth Android Monitoring Software. This is a professional app for parental control, allowing parents to monitor their children’s activity, while at the same time protecting their children from porn, criminals or cyber bullying.

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