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Best 5 Video Editing Option Available On InVideo


With the ability to share videos on social media apps and video repositories such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Vine, editing a video has become quite common and just an exclusive domain for professionals. All you need is a good computer, and you are ready to start making videos on your own. In 2020, you can create and edit videos online without having to download software from the internet.

To edit the videos online, you need to have a good internet connection, that’s all. In this article, we will mention some of the best video editing options available on InVideo software and tools that you can use online and make super amazing videos for your followers to like and share.


Cloud Editing And Saving Videos Online

  • YouTube Video Editor

If you have a YouTube channel, you know how hard it is to provide your viewers with quality content. How much time it takes to edit a single video to perfection. Even if you have a YouTube channel that mainly focuses on gaming-related content, you need to put effort into your videos to make the visuals speak for themselves. Videos posted on YouTube after the editing is done attracts 6 times more viewers than those who aren’t edited.

If you are new to video making and don’t know much about editing tools but still want to use all the professional tools to edit your videos in a much easier way, then you need to check out the YouTube video editor. It is a great tool that lets you edit your video and a number of templates to make things easier for you.

When you are editing your video online, you can get editing done in a short amount of time along with this, and there is a lot of room for creativity as you can have a number of effects and presets that you can drag and drop on your video to make it more appealing to your viewers.

  • Instagram Video Editor

Instagram is rolling out new features around the world, and in no time, Instagram will release its Insta Reels on the U.S. shore. Instagram gives you a 59 seconds time limit in which you can promote your brand and make a great impression of your brand. But 59 seconds is quite a short time. A lot of editors and creators will sweat if you ask them to make a video to promote a business, but the video has to be 59 seconds long. With the help of an Instagram story maker, you get presets to change the lighting, contrast, and brightness of your video.

Furthermore, if you haven’t hired a video editor, you can use this software to edit out your Instagram videos like a professional. The UI is simple for anyone to understand, and in no time, the video will be edited to perfection. So it can suit the requirements of Instagram viewers and followers.

  • Facebook Ad Template

Facebook is ever-growing in its daily number of users ever since it was launched back in 2004. Even though a lot of people prefer Instagram now, Facebook still holds the crown of the most used social media platform. In 2019, 2.45 billion active users were recorded in a single month.

94% of the ad campaign revenue comes from mobile. As a result, having a specific Facebook Ad template is a must for all the digital and social media marketers who are putting money on Facebook to get new customers for a business. Around 11% of the total post that is available on Facebook is video-based. There are advanced strategies that you can use to make your Facebook ad template a bit more unique and engaging.

People tend to watch more videos and ads of a business that they support. With the Facebook Ad template, you will be able to edit your video according to the custom audience. The people you specifically want to interact with.

  • Outro Maker

A good 5-7 seconds outro is what you need to remind the viewer to click on the like button, share, and subscribe button. Suppose the outro of your video isn’t as attractive as the intro and the content. In this case, you might get a like or comment, but it will be hard to retain regular viewers from their subscription.

With the use of templates such as screen separators and call to action buttons set at the very end of your video, you will give a nice flow to your video. With a smooth flow of the video, viewers might return to check out your video and regain the information that you were trying to communicate using your video. Editing your outro will help you in increasing your content’s retention.

  • Promo Video Maker

If there is a video that you will post on your YouTube channel, but you want to give a sneak peek of the video to your viewers, you can always use the promo video maker option.

On the other hand, we all know everyone is using their mobile phones, and they stay active on social media, and the same applies to your brand, which you want to promote. A promo video will do wonders if you edit it carefully with a great theme that uses your product’s basic functionality.

With the promo video maker tool, you can now make promotional videos online for your brand and product, which you want to trend on social media websites.

You can sign up and start using the various templates that are already present in the repository to help you edit your very first promotional video for an ad campaign.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the ways you can use online video editing software to save time and money. Also, when you are editing videos on your own, you learn so much about making videos. So you can prepare well even before you start shooting the video!

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