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Netflix is now also available on the Google Nest Hub smart screen


Google Nest smart home devices come with many useful features. They can be used to listen to music, play videos from YouTube, and control smart devices in your home. However, the Google Home or Google Nest Hub models, as they are now called, cannot play content from Netflix, despite the fact that large screens are equipped. Or at least they couldn’t until now, because Google just announced that this is now possible.

Netflix playback on the Google Nest Hub is now possible

From now on, Google Nest Hub devices, both in the 7 ”screen version and in the 10” screen version, will be able to receive voice commands, but also commands from other devices to play content from Netflix. However, devices appear in the list like Chromecast devices in compatible applications. They will now also appear in the Netflix application as a playback device, or they will be able to receive commands through Google Assistant to play content from your account.

Of course, like Spotify or other Google Home-related services, you’ll need to have your Netflix account registered with your Google Home account. In general, if you already have a Chromecast or other smart device that can display Netflix and communicate with Home, you probably already have a registered account. If not, everything is done in just a few seconds from the Google Home mobile app, either on Android or iOS.

No software update required

Because Google Nest Hub devices are usually found in the kitchen or living room, integrating Netflix content playback will certainly be welcome for users. Some might give up walking the phone or tablet around the house just to keep watching an episode of their favorite series in another room.

The best part is that you don’t have to do anything if you already have a Google Nest Hub to get the new functionality. In theory, Netflix playback should work on its own, without software updates.

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