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Asics Launches New “MetaRide” Shoes That Improves Run Efficiency


Running a marathon is not an easy task and the folks at Asics know that too well. Asisc has launched a new running shoe called MetaRide which offers a mixture of technology that serves the purpose of making long-distance running easier. The MetaRide took two years to develop and it was created in the Asics Sports Science Institute in Kobe, Japan. The main idea behind the design of the MetaRide is to reduce the strain put on the ankle while running and to also reduce the overall energy lost while running.

Introducing: The MetaRide Shoe

“The idea of fluid movement is central to the MetaRide both in functionality and design. The MetaRide sole design was inspired by a bicycle and the Japanese expression of Koron-Koron, the sound something makes when it tips over and continues rolling on its own. Both of these ideas convey effortless coasting as the sole is in constant motion,” said Hiroaki Nishimura who is a member of the team who created the MetaRide shoe.

FlyteFoam and Gel Technologies

What makes the MetaRide shoe stand out is the fact that it uses FlyteFoam and Gel technologies which reduce the overall muscle fatigue during heel impact with the running surface. Westin Galloway is the global product line manager for performance in charge of Asics and he said that the Gel technology attenuates the shock of a foot strike and while this might not sound like something that important, this will make a huge difference for long-distance runners.

Run Efficiency

If there’s something that we can be certain about, then it has to be the fact that the MetaRide shoe excels in run efficiency. “The MetaRide concept and new Guidesole technology are fundamentally different to any other shoe we’ve ever made or that’s on the market today,” said Kenichi Harano who is the Senior General Manager at the Asics Institute of Sports Science.

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