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Apple Watch Users will be Able to Access Pandora Offline


Apple Watch users will be very happy to hear the latest news. It looks like Pandora is adapting to modern necessities. The music streaming service recently updated their iOS app and now they’ve added a long-awaited and requested feature – offline playback for Apple Watch users.

Although Pandora addressed a highly popular demand, not every wearable owner will have the possibility to access the music streaming app without a phone. This happens because the service is only available to paying customers.

Pandora just became more commute friendly for Apple Watch users. The music streaming service has updated its app and added offline playback for the wearable, apparently due to popular demand. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to access the new feature without the need for a phone, since it’s exclusively available to paying customers.

A monthly subscription will get you closer to your favorite music on the Apple Watch

According to the latest information, users who want to enjoy their favorite music and a fancy wearable at the same time will have to start a monthly subscription for Pandora. They can get the Pandora Plus and pay $5 a month or Pandora Premium at the price of $10.

This is the only way to access offline content on Apple’s Watch. Furthermore, users will have to upgrade their devices to watchOS 5 for installing the update. As you can see, it’s not complicated to have offline access to Pandora, even if you are using an Apple Watch.

Now the wearable’s users are waiting for Spotify to keep their promise. This platform promised to enable their offline access a long time ago. Even if Pandora and Spotify (in the future) can be used offline, Apple Music will probably remain the users’ favourite app when it comes to music on the company’s Watches.

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