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Best VPNs to Use For Firefox in 2019


If you want to be anonymous while browsing websites in Firefox, a VPN extension allows you to do so without your internet connection or other apps on your computer to be affected. We will provide you with a list of the best VPN add-ons for this browser.

A VPN has many ways to protect you. For example, you can’t be identified because it makes you anonymous and the websites you visit can’t be seen either. Your connection is secured even while using open public Wi-Fi. Besides that, it also gives you a clear path to the websites that are blocked from you.

When you have a VPN, many processes will go through it including Windows updates, games, and other apps. Now, here is a list of the best VPN you can choose from for Firefox.



The best-rated and best-known VPN services are NordVPN, so this is why it is the first on our list.

The reason why this VPN is so appreciated is that it offers top-notch compatibility and speeds no matter the device you use it one and the price paid is also worth the things it helps you with.

The Firefox is now better, and it even has a slicker interface because it was completely redesigned recently. Moreover, it has also become faster and turns any website into a secure one.

This comes along with CyberSec which stops pop-ups and auto-play videos and warns you in case you access a dangerous website.

The only disadvantage is that this extension can’t be used for free. However, the best price is the one for a subscription of two years, and it costs $2.75 (£2) per month.


ExpressVPN is another impressive VPN that we like because it is not hard to use, the users are provided with support such as how to set up the app on devices that are supposed to not support VPNs, such as NAS drives and Apple TVs, and it also supports all your devices.

If you only want to use it for Firefox, those are just asides. Do not forget that once you try a VPN for free, you will be forced by your own self to get the paid subscription.

This VPN has the same disadvantage as the previous one. In order to use this extension, you must have an account, and no free version is available.

Because this is a top-tier VPN service all you do on the internet will be protected thanks to the fact that it also blocks HTML5 and WebRTC (precisely what is used to detect your identity and give up the anonymous act) and we will not even mention its amazing speeds.

The reason why ExpressVPN does not take up the first place on our least is that is costs a little more than NordVPN, and besides that it only allows three devices to be connected at the same time compared to the previous VPN’s 6.


This VPN service is also well-known and established. If you are from Sweden, Romania, or Denmark, you can use this Firefox extension for free, but you will need to pay if you are from another part of the world and want unlimited bandwidth too.

It is also necessary to complete the free 7-day trial in order to sign in which is easy. All they ask for is an email address, nor credit card information is required.

If all you are looking for in a VPN is to offer you online privacy, this one does just that. Unfortunately, it does not unblock sites in the US or UK as for the free version, but the paid one can help you do that.

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