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An Easy Guide to Fixing Google Play Store Issues


We have all been there. You find a nice looking app, tap on the install button and all you get is an error code.

Below you will find a handy guide that will help solve a variety of common problems.


Google Play: Error DF-BPA-09

This error tends to appear often but it is quite easy to fix. Go to Settings/Apps or App Manager. Select the All tab and search for the Google Services Framework. Tap on it and tap again on the Clear Data option. Confirm the operation. Try to download the app again.

Error DF-DLA-15

This one will usually appear when you are trying to update an app.

Go to Settings/Apps and look for the Play Store. Tap on it and tap on the Delete Cache and Delete Data options. If the problem is not fixed you will have to delete your Google account from the device and re-log after.

Error retrieving information from server

This is a very interesting error since the problem may after a few hours. The solution involves the deletion of your Google Account. In order to delete it you will have to go to Settings/Accounts/Google and delete your account. After the task is finished reboot your device and re-log.

Error BM-GVHD-O6

This one is limited to people that want to use a Google Play card. The problem is encountered on several countries.

Error rpcaec:0 ]and RPC:S3

Both codes are encountered when users try to install an app. Rebooting the device will usually fix the issue in most cases. If the problem persists try to delete the cache of the Google Play Store app.

Package File Invalid

Simply go to Settings/Apps/All and find the app that is malfunctioning. Tap on it and select the Clear Cache and Clear data options. The problem should be fixed.

Error 101

It occurs when too many apps are installed on the device. You will have to remove older apps in order to install the new one.

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