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Solve the Google Play Authentication is Required Bug


It is likely that many players faced the ‘’Google Play authentication is required ‘’ message. The issue can be solved easily if you follow one of the methods described in the guide below.


Remove recent Play Store updates

Google strives to provide stable updates but some bugs are just too sneaky. In order to fix the issue you can try to uninstall the latest Play Store update. Simply go to Settings/Apps/ and look for the Google Play Store. Tap on it and tap on the Uninstall updates icon. Download and install the latest Play Store update and the problem should be fixed.

Delete your Google Account

Sometimes the problems may be caused by a sign-in bug. A simple fix is to go to Settings/Accounts and look after the account that is causing problems. Delete the account and reboot your device. Re-add the account and see if the problem disappeared.

Delete the data of the Play Store app

In some cases this easy fix will solve the problem like a charm. Go to Settings/Apps and look for the Play Store. On select devices you will have to look after the Storage folder. Tap on the app and tap on the Clear Data option. If you want you can also tap on the Delete Cache option.

Use the desktop/mobile version of the store in order to install the app

Use the browser on the device to visit the Play Store. Find your favorite app and try to download it directly on the device. In most cases it should work after you sign-in with your Google Account. This will also work if you wish to use the desktop equivalent. After you click on the install button the download process should immediately start on your device.

Last hope: factory reset

You tried everything on the list but nothing seems to work. The last thing you can try is a factory reset. Back-up your data before you attempt to do it because it will wipe everything from your device. Detailed tutorials for each model can be found on the internet.

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