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Adobe Flash Player Google Chrome Issues


It’s no secret that Adobe Flash Player is no longer the great program it once used to be. Back in the day, Flash used to be the go-to option for loading any sort of multimedia content on a web page. However, due to more and more issues that keep cropping up in recent year, Adobe Flash Player is no longer anyone’s first choice. Instead, the world turned back to the trustworthy HTML5, a platform that never seemed to raise any serious issues of the malware or freezing and crashing variety.

Google Chrome in particular has been experiencing a lot of issues with Adobe Flash Player recently, and that is partly due to Google’s initiative to remove the multimedia loading platform entirely from its components. However, if you still want to use Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome and fix the issues it poses, keep reading.

How to Fix Flash Issues in Chrome

If you look inside your computer’s files for Google Chrome, make sure that pepflashplayer.dll is there. That is the file that Adobe Flash Player uses in order to run on Chrome. You might also notice a few other components there. Delete the directory if such a directory is located there, and then launch Google Chrome and navigate to the Flash Content section in its menu.

Also, you need to make sure that Adobe Flash Player is downloaded and installed in the AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash directory. This should solve the problem. If Flash still won’t work on Google Chrome, you can head on over to the Adobe help forum or forward the issue directly to Adobe and await a reply. Adobe is really responsive when it comes to these issues, and so are the users on their help forum, so you should receive help there. Good luck!

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