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A Video Game Could Help Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease


Considered a global epidemic by the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s disease affects at least five million people in the United States alone and around 47 million people worldwide. It’s an unfortunate, progressive disease that causes plaques and twisted nerve fibers to occur in the brain, damaging and killing nearby brain nerve cells. Those who have it face devastating symptoms. Some of which include problems with learning new information, severe memory loss, disorientation, mood and behavior changes, and unfounded suspicions.

Eventually, the sufferer can lose much of what made them an individual. They may not be able to carry a conversation or even be able to interact with the environment around them.

For family and friends and the sufferer themselves, this situation can be unbearable. It’s hard to watch someone you know lose such a significant part of themselves. But that’s why Alzheimer’s disease should be diagnosed as early as possible. There are no cures for the condition, but there is medication available to help slow down the condition’s progression.

But what’s the easiest way to spot Alzheimer’s disease? It may very well be by playing a video game.

Playing it reveals who will be at high risk for the condition.

Developed by scientists at the University College London and the University of East Anglia, the video game Sea Hero Quest can help indicate whether or not you have a high risk of Alzheimer’s disease. According to a published study of the game, there was a change in navigational habits for players who were more likely to get Alzheimer’s disease compared to players who were not as likely. What all that means is that poor spatial orientation could be a potential strong indication of Alzheimer’s disease.

So, you might want to try out Sea Hero Quest to have a better idea of your future mental health.

If you’re concerned you might be at risk, talk to your doctor.

Of course, you might not be certain what poor spatial orientation even looks like, and if that’s the case, take your concerns to your doctor. The earlier you can confirm your mental health or diagnose your mental health condition, the better you’ll be. If the doctor finds you healthy, you no longer have a worry to burden you. If the doctor has cause for concern about your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, then you’ll be able to get treatment from prescription medication like ARICEPT® (Donepezil)  to prevent your mental health from deteriorating too quickly.

Does prescription medication seem too expensive? Buy generic Aricept or brand name Aricept from  Canada Meds United  pharmacy referral service. This will allow you to get medication for an affordable rate while managing your Alzheimer’s disease for a happier, healthier life.

And it’s all thanks to a video game!

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