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Exciting News about Apple’s iPhone XR2 Design


If you are looking for a good phone from Apple, at a favorable price, with some little downgraded features, iPhone XR is the one. The compromises you will make by buying this model are small, you won’t even feel them. But our target today is the iPhone XR2 that will come with some upgrades and features.

From the Japanese source, Macotakara we know that the iPhone XR2 will have a dual rear camera and telephoto lens like the iPhone XS/XS Max. So, comparing this new XR 2 features with the premium iPhone 11, maybe the latter isn’t so attractive at all. If the specs aren’t so different and the prices are, this should be simple to decide. Until then we must see how much Apple’s will increase the flagship prices.

Moreover, the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will have new triple cameras incorporated, and the price will be as expected. The sad part at this new iPhone 11 (if that will be the name) is the design part. The three cameras are incorporated in a large square camera hump. If we look at the iPhone XS, we will see two cameras that are beautifully integrated and with style.

Also, the same Japanese source says that the name of the iPhone XR2 is not confirmed yet, and the device will receive the same features as iPhone 11. These features are the same primary upgraded cameras, or the fast charging through a USB-C with 18-watt charger. Sadly, Apple changes its mind regarding the triple cameras for the iPhone XR 2, and the device wouldn’t receive them.

Finally, the iPhone XR2 will be for sure received with good feedback, because of the excellent price and the similar features with the iPhone 11. Also, the company will stick to its current iPhone screen sizes for the device launched this year. No words about the iPhone SE2 are mentioned in the leaks until now.

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