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​Nintendo Labo VR Kit Sold Out in the United States


Both Nintendo Labo VR and Starter Kits are apparently in huge demand in the United States. Numerous Reddit users have reportedly wrote that both kits are extremely hard to find at almost any retailer. The kits were launched worldwide last Friday, and it seems that most retailers have run out of the products just three days after their release.

Even at the official Nintendo online store, their stocks of Nintendo Labo VR Kits in the United States has reportedly emptied out.

People all over the internet are posting their concern as multiple retailers have been completely sold out the products, sharing stories of their experience.

Shipments for the Nintendo Labo VR Kits are also low, and a few GameStop locations reported that they received only 4 VR Kits and 1 Starter Kit. The Starter Kit seems to be more common than the VR Kits, until Nintendo decides to restock anyway.​

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