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Days Gone: New Improvements and the Date of Release


Days Gone will be the next big exclusive game that will be on the PlayStation 4 platform, and the fans will be thrilled to get their hands on the game released by Bend Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment. In Days Gone you will see more zombie-slaying and the tale of Deacon St. John, following him throughout the Pacific Northwest, with plenty Freakers. The time until the actual launch is getting shorter, and after the newest reveals, you will need a lot of space for the day one patch.

What Do We Know?

You must know that Days Gone will come with 67 GB size for the install. We were talking about a day one patch that will come as well, but the size is unknown for now. On the other hand, the day one patch will come to fix some bugs here and there, so that should mean the size won’t be too big.

Moreover, with the help of PlayStation’s 4 powers and the Unreal Engine 4, the game will offer you an incredibly realistic and detailed world experience. What you can do in the game is fantastic! Your trail through those large and hostile environments will be exciting and full of secrets that needs exploring. An impressive feature is a fact that all the factors and natural cycles will affect your gameplay and the enemy’s behavior. Besides those, you can search houses, abandoned vehicles, truck stops and towns for resources.

Moreover, what you do will decide your fate; every choice will make the difference between life and death. You can make plans and strategy in every situation. Also, where you can find pieces and parts of items, you can collect them and craft weapons and traps.

Finally, Days Gone will launch on April 26 only for PlayStation 4, and a live session of reviews will be on the day before that.

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