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Xiaomi canceled Mi MIX Alpha, still working on proprietary processors


Announced last fall, the Mi MIX Alpha impressed the entire industry with its extremely unconventional design. However, given that this model has not yet reached the market, probably no one expected it to be launched. However, the official confirmation comes from the company’s CEO, who now says that Mi MIX Alpha will never be available for purchase, but a new Xiaomi Mi MIX is under development.

Mi MIX Alpha will not be released

The Mi MIX series of devices has always tried to bring as large and uninterrupted screens as possible on the market. From the original Mi MIX, with full screen and camera positioned at the bottom, to Mi MIX 3, a 5G slider phone, Xiaomi has been experimenting with this series.

However, Mi MIX Alpha proposed something hard to believe that could be brought to market at an affordable price: a phone “dressed” on all sides of the screen. It had no physical buttons, only virtual ones and had a screen all around, with a single black stripe, under the camera, which interrupted it.

Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s CEO, published on Weibo the answers to some frequently asked questions he receives, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the company’s founding. He says that a new Mi MIX device is in development and that this series will always be used to demonstrate the latest technologies. However, at the moment a Mi MIX is far from being presented.

A Xiaomi processor is still in development

In addition to canceling the Mi MIX Alpha, Jun also mentioned that Xiaomi is still working on developing proprietary chipsets from the Surge series. The project is still under development, but the problems the research team has encountered in the meantime have led to the postponement of the launch of devices to integrate them. Given that more and more companies are looking for alternatives to Qualcomm chipsets, it should come as no surprise that in the next few years, many of the companies that make smartphones will come with proprietary processors, just like Apple. , Samsung and Huawei.

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