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Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro – Best Differences and Advantages


When Microsoft announced the newest iteration of their Xbox One console, fans went wild as it meant a great many things. One of them was of course the fact that they would be getting improved hardware and better on-screen performance because of it. For others it also meant that a new round of Xbox vs. PlayStation was about to begin. While Xbox One X had been announced finally, Sony still had the PS4 Pro to entice fans. There are many differences between the two consoles, some more obvious than others, but it would seem that they’re not that different from a game development standpoint.

Developers asked about the varying difficulties occurring while trying to develop for both the One X and PS4 Pro, said that the two consoles aren’t that different when it comes to how games are actually built. With all the new toys under the hood, people would expect developers to say that they’re running into new kinds of trouble when creating One X content. However, it would seem that the trickiest part remains getting a game to work on the original console. It turns out that after getting over the largest bump of making a game work on the original Xbox One or PS4, what follows is a much smoother road. It’s just a matter of adding all the extras that are possible because of the upgraded versions of the consoles.

This means that while fans and users might debate endlessly over which is the better console, developers can at least focus on their work, without having to worry about such issues. It’s actually a very relieving thing to hear devs say, because it means that the stream of games for the new One X as well as the existing PS4 Pro will not run into any kind of droughts as a result of the One X’s launch.  With a constantly flowing stream of games made available to the public, the two major consoles can easily demonstrate their strengths and entice people as well as keep them entertained.

When it comes to raw power, it looks that the One X is far superior to the PS4 Pro, at least on paper. The specifications are completely in the favor of Microsoft’s latest product, and the console is said to be the most powerful console ever created. However, you don’t need a rocker ship to go to the corner store. What that means is that they may not be a lot of content for the One X users to enjoy.

Sure, the shiny new console will make games look a tad better even without having a 4K TV, and a lot of the older games are getting One X support, but in terms of fresh games, specifically designed to harness the huge potential of the device, there isn’t much on the horizon.  The PS4 Pro on the other hand seems to have hit the nail on the head in terms of power available vs. power needed.

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