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Best Roku 2017 Private Channels Add Available


Roku is quite a popular device which an enthusiast for entertainment should have at home. It’s basically a device which connects to your TV and an internet connection to stream your TV channels, Movies, YouTube, Live TV, HBO Now and a ton of private channels.

If you are looking for channels which require subscription, you are able to add those favorite channels and pay only for those. And it’s a great thing because you pay exactly for what you want to see and no more than that. You can watch free channels and you can also add private channels to your list.

Guide: Add Private Channels to Roku

You should follow a few steps in order to get private channels in your list. So follow us closely and you’ll be done in no time!

  1. Go to the Roku account portal
  2. Search for ‘Add Channel’
  3. Insert the channel code (below you’ll see the list with codes)
  4. Confirm by checking ‘yes’
  5. Open the Roku channel list
  6. You will see the channel you last added at the bottom of the list

If you’re having issues with finding the channel then you should refresh the system by following these steps: Settings -> System -> System Update -> Check Now.

Here are Some Interesting Private Channels

There are some private channels which stream shows from different TV channels, which stream classic movies, uncut movies, Sports Videos, News, iTunes, NASA news and a ton more!

Nowhere TV with the code H9DWC will stream CBS, ABC, HGTV and Food Network shows.

Add the HGTV code and you’ll watch HGTV popular shows.

FNNIGHT will let you watch episode from the Food Network.

RBFA1 is for CNN Shows and CNNI for CNN International Shows.

If you have an HBO subscription, add 9OFQX to your Roku.

The Internet Archive is available through NMJS5 code.

Add cbssports if you want to see everything about sports: news, commentary and sports videos.

NASA TV will be in your living room through HIBMX code and it will show you live streaming on missions and events, news and more.

ITPC will let you get your whole collection of podcasts on iTunes in your TV.

If you like the onion parody network, get the ONN code and laugh your face off.

Talking about laughing, you can watch funny videos, jokes or pictures with this code: IU1VY.

Get all videos from through LORYR code.

Stream classical music through this code abacusradio.

Maybe you’re an anime fan and if you want to watch some, get them at animevice.

A channel which will provide Sports, Food, Drama, and Kids content is bridges.

There’s also the College Humor available if you’re adding collegehumor code in your list.

Do some workouts with dailyburn and select what fitness program is fit for you.

Game reviews are available on IGN for the gamers.

LinkTV will show you National and Global News, Documentaries and more.

Listen to free audiobooks on Q4DSY.

Practice Yoga with teachers all over the world in your living room by using the myyoga code.

Watch classic TV shows on PopFlix Classic TV by using the code: popflixtv.

If you want some free basic tier classic movies, shows and cartoons, then pubdhub is the code you’ll need.

How about the underground music from all over the world? Get it on 2NFMX.

The retrovision code will let you watch classic movies and TV shows for free.

Of course you can have SoundCloud on your TV. Add it with this code: SCROKUBW and enjoy it.

If you’re into Science Fiction, then add thresholdplus to your list and watch SciFi, Fantasy and even Horror Series and Movies.

There are hundreds more of these private channels but do you have the spare time to even check them all out? We hope the list helped you in finding some entertainment.

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