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Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Leaks


With all this madness of Minecraft available on a lot of platforms, if one would want to try out the game, it would be difficult in choosing one of them. So, what’s the best platform to play on? Phone, PC, tablet or consoles? Is buying Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition a nonsense or not?

Before we can start making a decision, we have to look at all platforms and take into consideration what features are better on one platform or the others.

Phone, PC, Tablet or Consoles?

The game is much better using a controller, and not a keyboard, it’s a better experience on a console with a screen that isn’t so close to your eyes and that will let you play with friends and have a split-screen.

What is all the fuss with the Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition and the regular edition? It’s a bundle of joy, actually! It packs one TB hard drive and an Xbox Game Pass for a month and 14-day trial for the Xbox Live Gold. In that period of time, you can play any game without paying it and see for yourself if the games are more of your taste or not before buying them.

The Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition features everything that’s on other Xbox consoles, having access to apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or Spotify.

You’ll also be able to play Minecraft with players that are on PS4 or other platforms that have the Better Together update and you’ll play with your Creeper-themed controller!

You can find the Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle in stores, as sales started on 3 October at $399 and for those who really want to get one, hurry up because it being a limited edition, means that there aren’t too many on the market so they’re bound to soon be sold out!

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