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[Download] Firefox Rocket Browser with Newest Features


There’s a new Mozilla browser in Indonesia and you can see it on the official support website from Mozilla. The browser is called Firefox Rocket and can only be used in Indonesia.

On their support page Mozilla added some information on their new browser. The Firefox Rocket is a light browser that has a lot of features, it also let you save phone storage and data, share the content or capture it and you can do all of these fast even though you have a slow internet connection.

Firefox Rocket Features

There is a Turbo Mode that allows you to browse faster. You can block images so that you can save data or speed up the browsing. You can clear the cache to free some space on your phone. The feature that allows you to capture web pages is called Screenshots.

While some of these features can be seen in other Firefox browser versions, others such as Turbo Mode or block images are only available to Mozilla Firefox Rocket.

The Turbo Mode from Firefox Rocket looks like Opera Turbo. With Turbo Mode, users will be able to browse web pages while advertisements are hidden. So far, we haven’t found out if the Turbo Mode has something incorporated inside it like a content blocker or if it’s similar build as Opera Turbo and uses a proxy to block that content and compress it before transferring it to the device that’s used at that moment.

The option of blocking images from starting to load is another feature that users can see only on Firefox Rocket and it’s handy for those who want to save data. This feature can also be seen in other browsers such as Vivaldi or Opera.

An interesting option is clearing the browser cache but also keeping browsing history and login sessions.

According to the information provided on Mozilla’s support website, Firefox Rocket is available as a mobile browser, on Android OS.

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