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Windows Defender Security Features Makes The Best Antivirus for Windows 10


Windows 10: Fall Creators Update brings plenty of new features to the Microsoft Windows Defender Security Center. The new update available brings PCs an antivirus; a better management of Windows Firewall, a SmartScreen Filter, parental control system and better help with issues regarding PC health and performance.

Is a third party antivirus still necessary?

The Fall Creators Update also brings a simple, yet efficient ransomware protection right into Windows Defender. The feature is not turned by default and it takes some time finding it by searching for the setting, Controlled Folder Access and then turning it on.

When the ransomware feature is activated, it prevents unauthorized programs from trying to make changed to files, documents, videos, music, movies or other folders available on the user’s PC.

The mentioned activity is performed by most antivirus software programs such as Bitdefender, Trend Micro or Panda Free Antivirus. The latter even prevents third parties from reading protected documents.

The newest Windows 10 update ransomware also displays a warning when malicious software attempts to encrypt those files. The safety feature is activated when uncommon program tries to edit documents or photos.

All in all, the new update can rival with most antivirus programs available on the market.

More features added for security protection

Windows tries to help users prevent malware writers from hacking computers by introducing the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) feature. Windows Defender exposes settings for DEP, ASLR and more therefore; those who are familiar with security issues can enjoy the new additions.

Windows Defender in Windows 10 Enterprise also brings a lot of new features for big companies. For example, users can set protection settings, monitor them and see all the actions taken.

In conclusion, Windows Defender is a serious rival for any antivirus software out there.

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