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Windows 10 Mobile Users are Advised by Microsoft to switch to Android or iOS


The Windows 10 Mobile devices are now discontinued, but the support is set to end in the last month of this year, on 10th of December 2019. With that being said, current Windows 10 Mobile customers are advised by Microsoft to move to an iOS or Android device as soon as possible.

This recommendation was made by Microsoft in a Windows 10 Mobile support document via Thurrott in which the company explained that it plans to stop working on patches and security updates for Windows 10 Mobile which means that its usage will no longer be safe for customers.

As the support for Windows 10 Mobile OS  comes to an end, customers are advised to switch to supported iOS or Android devices. The mission statement of Microsoft is to empower every organization and every person on the planet to achieve as much as possible, which also compels us to offer our Mobile apps support on the mentioned devices and platforms.

Two years ago, in July 2017, Microsoft ended support for Windows Phone and stopped actively developing the Windows 10 Mobile last year in October 2018, the platform coming to its death. App developers were not interested in writing apps for Microsoft’s device, and the user base had no chance to become stronger.

As Windows 10 Mobile has been abandoned by Microsoft, the company switched its focus to other platforms, and it is also working on providing both Android and iOS devices with some interesting apps.

Even though the support for Windows 10 Mobile devices will end at the end on this year, on 10th of December 2019, users will still be able to use the devices, but the fact is that no further updates will be available. Who would like a phone that stays the same and gets no updates?

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