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Windows 10: Fall Creators Update Brings New Features to Microsoft Edge Browser


The newest update for Windows 10: Fall Creators Update has everyone excited over the new features it brought. The Edger browser has big improvements and they might just convince you to use the browser on your PC.

A list with the best Edge features

Unlike Windows 8, the Windows 10 Fall Creator Update allows the user to pin websites to the taskbar. This operation is performed by simply clicking on the triple-dot button at the window’s right edge and then choosing the “Pin this page to the taskbar” option.

Apart from pinning taskbars, there is also a new mode for watching films and videos: a true full-screen mode. This mode looses the browser’s menu and tabs from the top. It is necessary to hit the F11 to enter or escape the full-screen option. Another option is by clicking the triple-dot-button and then on the diagonal double-arrow button.

The new update is also better for mobiles

The new Edge allows users to start an article on their smartphones and then continue it on their computer. This can be done by using a preview version of Edge for Android and iOS. The Cortana app can also be used to perform this operation. It is also necessary to connect your smartphone device with your PC. This is done by going to the Setting app in the smartphone, this can be found on the main page of Settings.

Some bettered features

The new Windows 10 update also brings better bookmarking. By hitting Control-D or the star button in Edge, the bookmark menu will be available with a fresh design and better illustration of the hierarchy of the user’s favorite folders. This will make it easier and faster to find a favorite folder. The PDF and eBook reader have also been bettered.

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