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Google Chrome’s Cleanup Tool – Browse the Internet Safely


The Internet is not necessarily the safest place, and your device is almost always vulnerable. From pop-up and ads to malware attacks, there are numerous threats that can affect your Internet experience. That is why it is very important to choose a browser that takes care of your safety and constantly improves the security measures.  An antivirus is vital for your computer, but make sure that you surf the Internet in a safe way as well.

When it comes to Google Chrome, its users can say that they have one of the safest browsers. However, the latest update managed to make the Internet experience even better than before. If you want a cleaner web experience, you will be glad to hear the Google Chrome has come with some solutions for all the nasty issues.

Cleaner web

The new Google Chrome update comes with some features that are meant to prevent unwanted threats. In order to achieve that, Google Chrome brought some new features. For example, the browser now supports hijacking detection. Additionally, users will be glad to find out that there is a more efficient engine that can be considered cleaner. Lastly, but not last, the Google Chrome cleanup is now simpler and safer.

Basically, Chrome users will receive an alert every time there is a hidden threat such as undetectable software download or any dangerous links. This means that it will be harder to be forcefully redirected to third party websites and it will be easier to stop malware.

Enhanced security

Google Chrome users can expect a more secure browsing experience in the future since ESET, the security organization, is now collaborating with Google. In fact, that is the reason why users received a more powerful cleanup engine. Therefore, make sure that you update Google Chrome to the latest version in order to receive the latest security improvements.

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