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What’s The Problem with iOS 10.3.2?


As we all know, iOS 11 will launch this fall and bring a lot of exciting new features with it for iPads and iPhones alike (but more for iPads in particular). However, there is still some time left until then, so let’s focus on the current version of iOS that we have on our hands, namely iOS 10.3.2. There is a big problem with iOS 10.3.2 that nobody seems to talk about, so let’s shed some light on this situation right now.

Security Flaws

The current iOS 10.3.2 has a total of 23 listed security flaws that Apple acknowledges and aims to fix with iOS 10.3.3, but we have to wait a bit more for that. In the meantime, if things get really bad and our devices are in danger, we can just downgrade to iOS 10.3.1, right? Right? Wrong! Apple just announced they’re cutting off software signing support for the older version of their beloved operating system.

This is a big issue for more than one reason. The first reason is just what we said: if these security flaws start affecting our iOS 10.3.2 devices, we can’t just revert back to iOS 10.3.1 to run away from them. But Apple’s real fish to fry here is with jailbreaking. It’s no secret that the Cupertino tech giant has been trying to cut off jailbreakers for quite some time now. In fact, their attempts started when iOS 10 first came out.

Apple tried to make iOS 10 the unjailbreakable OS, and for all purposes, they seem to have succeeded. But their endless tired against minor hacks opened up the opportunity for more serious problems to happen. What do you think about Apple’s actions? Do you think it’s the right thing to do? Let us know in the comments below.

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