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New Cydia Tweak for Scheduling Messages


Even though jailbreaking is technically dead, Cydia is consistent and keeps putting out new and efficient tweaks. The newest such tweak is called Kairos 2 and is basically a message scheduling app. But what does message scheduling actually mean? Well, it’s way simpler than you think. You write your messages down all at once and then you schedule them to be sent out at a later date.

When to Use Kairos 2

This sort of feature can be very useful for many things. The first case scenario when Kairos 2 would come particularly in handy to you is to schedule birthday or other occasion messages. Just write them, or most of them out when you have the time and then schedule them to go out on whatever date they’re supposed to.

The second situation when Kairos 2 could come particularly in handy is if you run a business or have tasks to perform and these involve sending out various messages. Another job where you could use Kairos 2 is if you’re working as a secretary. All in all, there are many situations when this new Cydia tweak can potentially come in handy, so if you think you need it you can give it a try.


Kairos 2 comes with a lot of handy features. For one, it has the ability to momentarily toggle Airplane Mode on and off in order to send a message that is scheduled in the certain time frame, even though you might be on a plane at that moment. On top of that, Kairos also has a feature called Smart Battery Send that does exactly what its name indicates: it sends out messages as soon as your battery hits a critically low level.

Check out the showcase for the Kairos message scheduling tweak in the video below.


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