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The Five Ways in Which iOS 11 Helps iPads


When Apple revealed iOS 11 at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference on the 5th of June in San Jose, California, its spokesperson made an important claim. That claim was that iOS 11 will improve the functionality of Apple’s in house tablet lines, the iPads, and even help them substitute for a laptop. While this is a bold statement, it’s also one the Cupertino tech giant keeps standing behind as developer previews of the operating system roll out.

As far as we can tell, there are some actual ways in which we see iOS 11 making iPads better. Here are a top five of those ways as explained by tech expert and columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler.

  1. The app dock

With the iOS 11, the iPad will also have an app dock just like Apple’s Mac computers and laptops before it. The dock is a place where you store your primarily used apps and programs, so it’s obvious how much this will improve the iPad in terms of functionality.

  1. Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking features are something that Android O also promises to bring, and it’s a certain way to boos effectiveness. If Apple wants iPads to substitute for laptops, then users have to be able to get work done on them at a comparable efficiency rate. The multi-tasking feature will surely help with that.

  1. Drag and drop

With this drag and drop feature, you can move things between apps with great efficiency.

  1. The file browser

The file browser app allows you to browse through your files in the same way you would on a regular laptop or computer.

  1. Special apps

iOS 11 also bring special apps to improve the iPad experience and bring it to the level of the one of a laptop or computer user.

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