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What does the launch schedule of the iPhone 12, the new iPad and Apple Watch range, modified in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, look like?


Revealed from a reliable source, the launch schedule set by Apple for the new iPhone series looks substantially different from the one used last year, iPhone 12 will be unveiled only in October. Instead, only the Apple Watch and iPad launches are scheduled for September, the event will be organized exclusively online and dubbed with press releases.

The COVID-19 pandemic managed to throw the entire smartphone industry into uncertainty, with many products having delayed or completely canceled launches. Even for the top brands, disruptions in the supply chain and the cessation of production activity in many of the contracted factories made it unlikely that the launch schedule set many months in advance would be met. According to information leaked on Twitter by Jon Proser, a source with a solid history in terms of rumors, Apple will only be able to partially comply with the launch schedule expected by fans.

IPhone 12 launch in October

Thus, the iPhone 12 launch event will be held this year on October 12, almost a month later than planned. The pre-order campaign will start in the same week, with the first iPhone 12s reaching users the following week. Instead, for the iPhone 12 Pro model, the launch will be only one “on paper”, the pre-orders starting only in November, at a date that has not been specified yet. It remains to be seen what stocks will actually be available, but deliveries for the Pro model should be no later than November.

Less pressured to ensure substantial stocks of products, Apple will still try to maintain an appearance of normalcy by launching the new iPad range in the second week of September. But not with a lavish event, but by sending press releases, following the example already used for the launch of the iPhone SE (2020) range. This first wave of launches will also include the new Apple Watch range.

Being simple rumors, the specified data should not be taken as nailed, leaving enough time for last minute changes from Apple.

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