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ZTE is preparing to launch the first under-screen camera phone


While companies like Xiaomi and Oppo boasted last year that they already have the technology to integrate an under-screen camera, it seems that ZTE could be the first company to bring such a device to market. Even if in the last few years ZTE has not come out with too many smartphones, probably a consequence of US restrictions on the company, the new ZTE A20 5G Screen could be the one that puts the Chinese manufacturer back on the map.

ZTE could be the first to bring a hidden camera under the screen to the market
ZTE President Ni Fei posted a message on his Weibo account suggesting that a camera phone under the screen is about to be launched.

“Innovation never ends, dreams go on! I have a confrontation. The world’s first on-screen smartphone is made by ZTE! #Dissapear camera # ”is the message that Ni Fei published.

More interesting is the fact that we would not have known where this phone would be called if its automatic Weibo ID was not detected. It seems that it will be called ZTE A20 5G Screen, to highlight the fact that the screen is the component that differentiates it from other models. The fact that it is a 5G phone does not surprise anyone, as almost all the top phones this year come equipped with this technology.

A Chinese manufacturer could be the screen supplier

It seems that ZTE will use Visionox panels, announced that they went into production a few months ago. These will allow the cameras to be placed behind the panel. Visionox says it has solved the problems related to the quality of the camera and the differences in contrast and brightness in the camera area. It remains to be seen how “invisible” the camera will be once it reaches one of the commercial devices.

SRRC (State Radio Regulation of China) is already listing the ZTE A20 5G model A2121 in its database, which suggests that the phone is largely ready. So we should expect an announcement in the next few weeks.

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