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VIDEO: What can the smallest “iMac” in the world do?


An engineer made the smallest “iMac” in the world, which is slightly higher than a dose of energizer. Michael Pick, also known as “The Casual Engineer”, built the computer on a Raspberry Pi 4.

The device, which is a tribute to Apple’s popular all-in-one computer, is capable of running Minecraft.

Pick had to be very inventive to complete the project. The device has a 7 ”diagonal IPS display and a case made with a 3D printer.

Housing, 3D printed

Michael removed two of the USB ports and the Ethernet port of the Pi mini-computer for it to enter the case. The computer connects to the wireless internet.

An “iMac” running a real operating system
The little “iMac” is powered by a USB-C port located below the screen. The device has a single standard USB port.

The computer is cooled with a fan designed especially for the project, and the processor is equipped with a small radiator.

The case is covered with a metallic paint, and the screen has a black frame to mimic real iMac computers.

The device runs the Linux-based iRaspbian operating system, which has a macOS-like interface.

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