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Viber Better than WhatsApp in VoIP and Security Features?


WhatsApp is the most popular IM app in the world, but that doesn’t automatically make it the best as well. Although WhatsApp has more users, the truth is Viber is an overall better app. Don’t believe us? Here are five reasons why Viber is better than WhatsApp.

  1. VoIP features

Both WhatsApp and Viber allow users to call other users that are connected to these respective apps. But WhatsApp unfortunately stops here. Viber on the other hand also allows its users to call contacts that aren’t on Viber. The feature is called Viber Out, and it’s a worldwide VoIP feature that asks for surprisingly low rates in return for the services it offers.

  1. Better desktop version

We also know that both WhatsApp and Viber are available in a desktop version besides their mobile one. While WhatsApp Web is pretty good and it offers the same texting services that the mobile app does on a very similar interface, Viber goes above and beyond. Viber’s desktop version also allows users to make calls on it to other Viber users, as well as use Viber Out to call on landlines or other numbers.

  1. Public chats

Viber also offers services of the Public chat variety, and these come with accounts set up by brand, celebrities, news channels and so one, where fans can interact with them.

  1. Games

The Viber app also has certain games that you can play together with you Viber contacts. The list isn’t big by any means, and this feature in itself isn’t much, but seeing as WhatsApp doesn’t have anything of the sort, we’d have to say it’s another bonus for Viber.

  1. Hide chats easily

Viber makes hiding risky chats easy. All you need to do is click on ‘Chat info’ and then select ‘Hide this chat’.

  1. GR says

    ViberOut call rates (landline or cellphones) are not that competitive compared to others. Google is much cheaper.

    1. taki says

      Tried via Hangouts & costs 1c landline or 4c mobile /min from Australia to Australia.
      Viber 2.3c or 10.9c mobile.
      Looks better, but still expensive compared to calling cards.

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