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Are you having trouble with your Chrome update messages?


Recently, in the online environment, plenty of Google Chrome internet browser users have complained that they keep getting messages to update their Chrome to the latest version. When trying to do so, many find out that they already have the latest version and simply cannot do anything else.

How to verify what version of Chrome you are using?

To make sure you know what version you are currently using, simply go intro Chrome’s setting, click on “About” option and you will find a written message with the version you have installed.

Why do update messages keep appearing?

Problem 1:

There are many reasons as to why this is happening to your computer. However, one of the reasons is the operating system you are using. For the current version available of Google Chrome, your PC needs to use Mac OX 10.9, Windows 7 or Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora (for Linux). An outdated operating system can cause the update hiccup you keep encountering when trying to use your web browser.


To check if your Windows operating system is outdated, simply update it, after making sure that the program does not run in compatibility mode with older versions. Also, please be sure your firewall settings allow the update to take place.

Problem 2

As all internet users, you might be at the mercy of hackers. Plenty of times, the issu is with adware and malware such as “Urgent Chrome Update” pop-ups that appear.


To prevent these hijacking to take place, you need to scan your system using an antivirus program and antimalware software.

Problem 3

After having made sure none of the above mentioned issues are at fault, there is not much left to do.


Try to uninstall and reinstall your Google Chrome internet browser and restart your computer.

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