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Samsung Galaxy C10 vs. Galaxy Note 8 – Which One Is The Best?


The future dual-camera setup made by Samsung is going to spread quickly to mid-range devices as well. According to the rumors, Samsung is going to bring the development to Galaxy A and Galaxy C series devices, which should be released later this year. Even so, some new claims show that there might be delays with these devices, since the tech giant is focusing on the Galaxy Note 8 currently.

Dual Camera Setup for Middle Range Phones

Many of the mid-range phones made by Samsung has been some test beds for features that would appear on flagships later on. For example, the 2016 Galaxy A series has presented some features such as expanded storage, paired with a premium unibody design before the company included these on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7. For example, the Galaxy C9 Pro device, that was released in China back in March, shows 6 GB RAM and a battery of 4,000 mAh, which is rumored to reach the Galaxy Note 8 as well.

Regarding the specs, the Galaxy C10 is presumed to run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, which means it’s a mid-range device. It might come with a 6-inches Full HD display, which makes it a phablet. Pair it with 6 GB RAM, 64/128 GB internal memory options, Android 7,0 Nougat and a 4,000 mAh battery and you almost got a flagship.

Most likely, the biggest difference between the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the C10 model will be the availability. The Galaxy C series devices will be exclusive for the Asian markets, while the Galaxy Note devices will be available all over the world. Even so, we have to take into account the fact that the Galaxy Note FE relaunch, which will take place next Friday, will represent an even bigger threat to the Galaxy C10.

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