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The Sims FreePlay – You will love the new update


Your Sims can now come and live in your mobiles/tablets thanks to the latest update that the creators of the world’s most popular Simulator games have recently come up with. The name of the update is The Sims FreePlay’s Refined Romance. More than 200 million people decided to download the app and live the life they have never had through their sims.


What is your story?

Thanks to the Sims Freeplay 5.43.0 you will be able to create your own story, dressing up your Sims the way that it suits their personalities and experience how they change after each stage of life, from a child to an adult, all from the comfort of your couch or bed with a tablet/mobile on your hand. There are ten different body types you can choose from such as skinny, fleshy or cute & chubby. You can also make their nose, eyes, and hands they shape you desire. After you made the perfect Sim, you can set goals for them, make them acquainted with new Sims and even make them fall in love.

Feigning Options for you to enjoy!

After creating your Sim, you can begin having fun! Build them the perfect neighborhood, design the best interior of their house and engage in interesting activities. You can hook up with other Sims or make new friends, the choice is yours. You can throw a pool party, make your Sim fall in love then get married and snuggle with their significant other near the fireplace. You can raise an entire family and adopt how many pets you want. You are the one who controls what happens to your Sim and this way you can also experience what your future would look like in case you want to see it simulated on your screen.

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