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Ivacy VPN in the Spotlight at the Best VPN Award Show 2019


Lengthy series of devastating incidents of privacy breach over the past decade have drawn the attention of internet users to the critical cyber security threats. People are getting increasingly conscious about their privacy and seek the ways to minimize their vulnerability. Virtual private networking has emerged as a leading tool to combat these risks through its ability to prevent and counter the attacks to the users’ security. Usually, people’s pursuit for the best VPN available in the market leads them to set their heart on none other than Ivacy VPN which arguably serves as the “king of privacy and data security”. The number of awards and achievements that Ivacy has walked off with for the past several years tell the story of its potential and superiority.

Recently, Ivacy VPN has stolen the Best VPN Award Show 2019 with a fresh flurry of achievements which include:

  • Awarded as the “Fastest VPN”
  • Runner-up for the “Best Value Award”
  • Runner-up for the “Best Overall Award”

It is not the first time that Ivacy VPN has outshined its competitors in an award show. It has an exhausting list of similar accomplishments that made it highly adorable among its ever-growing family of thousands of clients worldwide. What follows is discussion on the features and offers which make Ivacy stand out and remain the top choice among internet freedom seekers.


Ivacy at the Best VPN Award Show

Affiliate West Summit is a resounding event held on yearly basis to create opportunities for renowned brands to gain exposure and boost their sales. Best VPN Award is a part of this internationally recognized event which serves as an evidence of its significance. While seen in light of these facts, it is a great source of honor for Ivacy to have received nominations for multiple categories from this renowned award show.

Whereas many VPNs boasted of being nominated irrespective of their position, Ivacy VPN stole the show with its repeated appearance on the stage. The company won the first prize for the category of Fastest VPN which is indicative of the quality of its servers. Not only this, but also it remained second best performer for the category of “Best Value”. Nomination for this award (and reaching so close to grabbing it) shows the value that Ivacy VPN creates for its clients’ money. Furthermore, securing second spot for the category of Best Overall Award serves as the evidence of the superiority of its unmatched features and offers. On the whole, Ivacy remained in the spotlight of the Best Award Show.

Here, it is worth mentioning that Ivacy’s achievements do not belong to the company alone. It thanks its clients and customers for showing trust in its capabilities. The management of Ivacy does not hesitate to acknowledge that it would have never been possible for Ivacy to rise to this level if it had not received positive response from the pools of its lovers. So it is the time for the customers to join Ivacy in celebration of its recent achievements while aiming for greater heights simultaneously.

What is Ivacy VPN and How it Works

Having its headquarters in the city of lions, Singapore, Ivacy is a leading virtual private networking service provider. From a humble start in 2007, it has grown into a name of trust among its worldwide clientele. With proven and stainless track record and a high rate of customer satisfaction under its belt, it comes as no surprise that Ivacy stands among the most trustworthy names in the market. In all the scrape of scammers and fraudsters, Ivacy has maintained its prominence by bringing the idea of foolproof cyber security to life.

Many readers who are unfamiliar with virtual private networking may wonder as to how Ivacy VPN works. Whenever you read something about a VPN, it is common to come across the terms like “encrypted tunnel”, “masking the online identity”, “security gateway”, etc. Let’s have a simple approach to the basics of Ivacy’s functionality. When you connect to your ISP, the data flows between you and your internet service provider through a channel which is similar to the flow of traffic on a road.

Using an unsecured connection makes the data flow through an open channel. Hence, any professional hacker may grab the opportunity to eavesdrop on your data without letting you have the slightest clue about that. Not only this, but also you are at the risk of exposing your identity and surfing habits to your internet service provider. However, you create an encrypted tunnel with the help of a VPN through which data can flow in unrecognizable form in the same way as traffic remains invisible for an outsider while flowing through a tunnel. In this way, neither you remain a temptation for an attacker nor can your ISP have any irritable interference.

 Why Ivacy Stands out

Even though the dominating manifestation of Ivacy at the recent Award Show (as well as at many other similar events) says it all, I would like to share some prestigious areas that make Ivacy a superior choice.

Unconquerable privacy and data security

Professional team behind Ivacy VPN is fully committed to leave no single loophole so you can enjoy 100% internet freedom. It makes your internet connection secure with 2 GB RSA keys. Hence, it is never possible for a hacker to guess the half of the RSA key even if he gets a chance to live thousands of lives trying to reach the right one. There are many others of Ivacy’s contemporaries who claims tall while taking the most important consideration i.e. data security for granted with thin and easy-to-guess keys. Hence, it keeps your information saved from any unauthorized access and perfectly masks your online identity.

History of success

One of the criteria that you can refer to while choosing among different alternatives is to consider the time that a company has spent in the sector. Many VPN service providers do not live long due to the fact that they aim to steal the money of the earliest subscribers whose negative reviews won’t let others feel tempted. Ivacy has managed not only to survive but also to grow and sustain its reputation of being a superior service provider for more than a decade. You can find several online sources flooded with positive comments and reviews about Ivacy VPN to feel even more comfortable.

400+ high-speed servers

One of the most significant features of Ivacy VPN is the wide array of servers. You can easily switch and navigate among more than 400 servers. Majority of these servers offer high speed internet experience. This is a rare feature when it comes to virtual private networking because VPNs, in most cases, have to sacrifice downloading and uploading speed in favor of ensuring privacy. On the contrary, Ivacy VPN not only secures your connection but also goes out of its way to deliver express connectivity.

Access to 40+ channels

Past few years have witnessed a great upsurge in the demand for on-demand video streaming services. People love to watch their favorite TV shows and series online. Not only does it offer private setting for streaming but also becomes a more enjoyable source due to users’ ability to skip ads. However, many renowned online video streaming and broadcasting channels mainly including Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Pandora, and Vudu are marked by geo-restriction. Whereas geo-restrictions make it impossible for the subscribers to view channels outside the authorized territory, Ivacy VPN creates the possibility by allowing the users to bypass geo-blocks thanks to bundle of servers included in its package. You can gain hassle free access to more than 50+ online streaming channels with Ivacy VPN set up on your device.
The giant among all is Netflix and Ivacy has ample nodes & servers to support American Netflix, hence a user can connect to fast streaming servers with this Netflix VPN and enjoy ultimate streaming anywhere in the world.

Excellent customer service

Ivacy VPN pays key attention to building strong ties with its customers. It treats them like its family members whose remarks, suggestions, and complaints receive utmost importance. As you have query, you can feel free to immediately contact its customers support centre where well-mannered and fully trained professionals are waiting to assist you in any possible way. You can leave offline messages or enter into a live chat with the support agent on the official website. The representatives leave no stone unturned to immediately troubleshoot your issue and make you feel relieved.

Ridiculously low prices with money-back guarantee

Incredible as it may sound after going through the above review, you can get all that cool stuff and much more for just $1/month by subscribing for its 5 yearly package. There are also packages for lower time period such as two years, one year, six month, and one month. However, I would recommend going with longer term time-periods as they are comparatively more budget-friendly. All this with a 30 day money-back guarantee makes it “too good to believe!”

Subscribe today and materialize your dream of unadulterated internet freedom.

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