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The latest Google Play Store Version Can Now be Downloaded


You can now get the latest version for the Google Play Store app! This new update focuses on fixing and tweaking the app. Until now this app has received a lot of updates but users don’t usually play attention to them because the updates are done automatically.

Why is it important to know of this latest update since no one actually checks these updates? Well, because although Google updates their Play Store app within a period of 10 days, the last updates have been more frequent, drawing our attention.

The previous update for the Google Play Store app was having difficulties on the devices that use Android KitKat and so they released another update in order to fix those issues.

Google Play Store 8.2.36 Has a New Look

The update comes with a new user interface, where the design brings a cleaner look and more organized. Stability, improvements and bug fixes have been a priority too.

No matter what developers add in new updates for official apps, users should update them in order to get the best version up to date and in order to have a secured app. Users will also benefit from the best experience provided by the updated versions of the apps they use.

The update for Google Play Store App will get to all the Android 4.0 to the latest OS version and those who haven’t got it yet can download it as an APK file.

You can get the latest version of Google Play Store APK from by searching Google Play Store 8.2.36 in the right upper corner of the webpage. Installing the updated Google Play Store is safe and will not cause your device any problems. You must have a device which runs on Android KitKat or a recent Android OS in order to install this update.

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