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The Future Microsoft’s Console Will Be Disc-less and Named Xbox One S All Digital


We are getting closer and closer to a future of disc-less consoles, and Microsoft’s Xbox gives the start. The details, image, and the name of the consoles have been spotted and revealed these days. The name spotted on the package is Xbox One S All Digital, and the details are written on the box is that it will be a disc-free gaming console version. Also, other information about the hardware specs is revealed on the box.

What Details Do We know so Far?

First of all, this will be a console that will rely exclusively on downloads of games from the platform than buying disks. So we aren’t surprised that the Xbox One S All Digital doesn’t come with a Blu-ray drive. If you are a fan of Xbox and a player, you will know for sure that all the titles of the games will be available for download from game stores. And from the previous consoles, we know that the device comes pre-loaded with some games like Forza Horizon 3, Sea of Thieves, and Minecraft.

Second of all, about the hardware component, we know that the packaging will have a 1TB hard drive. If 1 TB is enough for Xbox One S All Digital and for the most hardcore gamers, we don’t know, considering the multitude of games for the console. Also, with the 4K Ultra HD videos, you can download movies so that enough storage will be needed.

And finally, what we do know at this moment is that the Xbox One S All Digital will come in white color and it will come complete with a single controller added. Moreover, Microsoft could present the console on April 16, and on May 7, will be launch in Europe for the price of €229.99, or $260.

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