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The 2019 iPhones to Sport Interchangeable Camera Lenses


Apple has recently released the well-received iPhone XS, XS Max and XR but some are already looking forward to the future models. If the company maintains the same cycle the latest devices should be announced in September 2019. The one exception to the rule is the iPhone SE which was unveiled in March 2016.

According to some sources Apple may opt to release an updated version of the iPhone XS. It may be called iPhone 11 or iPhone XI. Some anticipate the introduction of a triple-lens camera setup on the rear of the device. The sensors could be grouped in a triangle shape, with one sensor placed in each corner and a LED flash in the middle.

Most sources believe that the notch will be considerably smaller as Apple seeks to maximize the screen space. It may also be removed completely if the company decides to follow the trend and perforate the display in order to install the camera in one of the upper corners of the display. Face ID may be improved by the introduction of a face recognition module that should considerably increase the accuracy and speed of unlocking. An in-display fingerprint sensor would mark the return of the beloved Touch ID feature which was removed with the introduction of the iPhone X.

Among the changes we could add a redesigned Lightning cable. In order to ensure the best connection possible future cables could feature a port that is made from deformable material. When the port will be connected to the device an airtight seal will prevent dust and water from entering.

Apple could also improve the internal specs of the device by adding a bigger quantity of RAM. A new A13 chip with an improved Neural Processing Unit should maximize the performance of the device and grant access to new and exciting features.

The boldest and most unfeasible claim suggests that Apple may develop interchangeable camera modules. While this feature would be great for some users it would certainly diminished the feeling of unity that made the devices popular in the first place.

Until September arrives we can only hope that at least some of these rumors are true.

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